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Thanks for being here. On this page you will find a quick list of my links, and some basic shop information.  You'll find links from email signup and social media, to contact info and how to leave reviews. Please feel free to look around. If you're wanting to shop, just hit the home link above or the shop link below.  Thanks so much for visiting. Stay awesome!

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You can also keep up with shop news on social media. 

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If you'd like a chance to be featured on my social media or my website you can make a post and tag me in it @SmartSassery or use the hashtag #SmartSassery. I love seeing images of your smiling faces and pretties. 

Please use the form link below (or email) to contact me.  Please do not contact me on social media. They aren't very reliable and I don't want to chance missing your messages. 

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To learn more about myself and my shop please click the about image above or the text in the navigation bar to be taken to my press release page. In the links above you will find more links to auction houses I participate in, as well as a ton of shop information, and some things I like. You'll also find a good smattering of all the things I like. For example, my Pinterest has what Netflix shows I binge, music, books, my favorite styles, a list of my favorite small shops, and tips for many things from holiday prep to small businesses help.  You can find some of that on Instagram as well, in my highlights and stories, along with what I'm up to.  I'll post shop news and help on the shop blog. You can find the links at the bottom of any page here. 

If you want to pay attention to the crazy woman behind the curtain you can find my personal blog at or simply Or as I call it personal ramblings. lol It's just a place for me to post about the things I like and and what I've been up to. It's hosted on Tumblr, if you have an account, come follow me. I'm only starting out there, trying to show the woman behind the sass. 

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