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Smart Sassery is a small shop that takes sarcastic, elegantly creepy, and bookish designs and creates wonderful accessories for you, your desk, and your bookshelves.  I've taken my bizarre humor and wit twisting it into something for you to love. To me, taking ordinary items and manipulating them to create magical moments, memories, and smiles is something I absolutely adore doing. Thank you for coming here to support me in my dreams. 

I started off specializing in printables for planners of all kinds. I quickly learned how much I like to match my planner items and started moving my planner layouts over to match other things on my desk and myself! 

On the fashion side of my shop, you will find handmade jewelry and crocheted items to wear and use. You will also find my planner layouts on things like tees, tanks, and leggings. I have mugs created as well (and although I do carry one with me everywhere) it's not exactly considered a fashion item.  These few items I have printed for me by other small shops based in the US. 

On the printing side of the shop, you can find all kinds of printable planner stickers and pages, page markers or bookmarks, planner charms, note cards, wall decor, and soon to be a full selection of party printables.

I do offer custom design services for both personal and business alike. This is something that I have been doing for about 20 years now. I have a design company, RBF Grafix, that is currently just working off of work of mouth. I plan to open a section of my shop to it in the near future. 

I have a shop on Etsy as well, but my biggest collection is located on my website here. 

As a single mother displaced due to domestic violence and suffering from chronic illness, I had lost both my home and job. This shop was started out of necessity and ended up teaching my daughter that anything can be done with a little hard work. It's pretty amazing when something you have to do, like work, ends up being a great lesson for those little eyes watching everything you do. This reasoning made me pay very close attention to the things I was doing with my business. I create quality hand-crafted items that are affordable for everyone, using quality materials. I also work really hard to leave a very small footprint in the world I share with you, by reusing everything I can and recycling the rest creating very little waste. I also give back to the community by sending my creations to those in need. Every purchase made helps in that endeavor as well, so you too are giving back just by shopping. How cool is that?! I love what I do, and I love the time it allows me to spend with my daughter.

Small business supporters like you provide the magic in the world to make other’s dreams come true. I enjoy crafting and creating things very much, watching materials come to life in my hands is amazing. I have been a creator in some form or another all of my life. That love for creation has blossomed to produce a shop full of beautiful things for you, all created with love, care and a bit of sass. What I truly love creating the most is laughter and smiles, it warms my hearts to see others happy, and I really enjoy creating that happiness. My daughter often asks, "Do you notice we leave a trail of smiles everywhere we go?" I do notice, and I love teaching her that's what you leave in your path. This world needs more people and businesses that care, so I lead by example.

Please, take a look around, I hope you enjoy my creations. If you would like to keep up with everything here at Smart Sassery come and follow me! All social accounts share the same username @SmartSassery, or you can search the hashtag #SmartSassery on most social networks and all search engines. I also started a mini blog to talk about everything from shop news, sales, and giveaways, to new products and events at news.SmartSassery.com

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Smart Sassery is powered by RBF Grafix

I have been a graphic designer in a corporate setting for quite some time. I started taking freelance work about 10 years ago and have created the business RBF Grafix for that purpose. I love the energy of seeing a small business watch their dream come alive. So my passion is branding for small businesses. Creating party decor for personal celebrations is a lot of fun too. Now there's nothing wrong with standard corporate design. It's easier, it's just not my favorite. I love books and writing letters to pen-pals so I often find myself creating things in that nature for fun. That's where Smart Sassery came into be. I use my graphic design skills to brand and sell the items I have created.

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Sassy RBF Team

Really I'm just a mom trying to give my girl the best life I possibly can. So let me introduce you to our team!  I'm Cristie Indica Leigh (Friends call me Indi), I am the owner and designer behind Smart Sassery. This little adorable thing pictured with me is my heart, my motivation, and the driving force behind all that I do. She also likes to think she's the boss. Don't forget Freya, our loving mascot! 

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I absolutely appreciate your business and support. Remember even if you don't see anything you like, a shave is just as much love. 



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