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Smart Sassery is a great little shop to get your gifts or treat yourself.  I sell handmade fashion accessories from jewelry to knits. I even have a few hair accessories.  I also design stationery and planner accessories. From those designs you can also find note cards and books, clothing, mugs, and even jewelry to match.

This is my website and where you will find my shop.  As well as my new blog!  Well it will be when it grows up that is. I'm very new to the whole blogging thing so bare with me as we're starting this together. 

I wanted to start out by letting you know how to keep up with everything Smart Sassery.  I have lots of ways to not only get news, but talk to me too. I love that!  So never hesitate to ask me a question, say hi, or tell me if I have something on my face.  Number one rule in friend club there.  Ah! look a pony. Side tracked again. 

Back to how to know it all.  I have a few ways to get shop updates. I will list them all below, starting with how to subscribe to this blog. 

  • Subscribe to the blog's RSS feed:
  • Sign up for email updates at the bottom of any page of this website.
  • I'm also on as many social networks as I can handle. You can find links to those at the bottom of every page of this site as well. Next to email sign up.  I'm @SmartSassery everywhere. 
  • I'm also on Google Hangouts chat as SmartSassery, you can chat with me there during business hours when available. 

You can find an entire list of my links (or at least the ones I can remember) on my Quick Links page. This includes links to the auction houses I am involved with.  It's also at the top of the pages in the navigation menu.  You can find reviews there too, as well as my story, and frequently asked questions. And their answers of course. I wouldn't do that to you. 

So this wraps up ground zero for the blogging attempt. I do hope this is helpful to you. If you have any other questions please feel free to leave a comment.  Thank you very much for reading and your interest in my shop. I hope you feel beautiful today.

Stay Awesome!

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