Meet the Maker

Meet the Maker

Hey ya! Hi ya! (Not gonna hoe ya.) 

I’m Cristie, the owner, creator, and rbf behind Smart Sassery - Gifts and Stationery. Most everyone calls me Indi, short for Indica. I am guilty of laughing at everything, yes everything, and having a slightly sarcastic sense of humor. Just a little bit. I am a professional at self-entertainment, and find myself extremely hilarious! Someone has to laugh at my jokes right? 

I have been a serial creator all my life, so I’m quite good at making lots of different things. I also have ADHD so that kind of explains a lot. My style is basically elegant glam meets Victorian creep. Ya, I probably made that up along the way, but I love it. Roses and skulls are just meant to be.  Throw in some crowns and I'll love you forever.

I’d list all the things I love but most everything I fall for gets discontinued. Seriously everything. So in creating things, I started making the things I’ve always wanted but couldn’t seem to find.

My favorite things to do are drink coffee, play outside, and make things. I love all things Burton. (Except the musical. Don’t shoot me.) Two of my favorite illustrators are Gris Grimly and J Scott Campbell. I love Poe, Lovecraft, Emerson.. I’m going to stop there because that list goes on forever. Dark chocolate is my weakness. I can never say no. I’m one of those crazy clean eaters, and I actually like to exercise. Could never go vegan or veg because I love bacon too much though. 

I hope to grow not only my little shop but also a community of like minded weirdos. If you like this post, let me know in the comments. Can you relate to anything?  Let me know I'm not alone. 



  • Smart Sassery

    Awww.. Thanks so much! Weirdos are the best kind of people.

  • Sharntelle Cartwright

    I love your little shop and got a giggle from your post your fan another like minded weirdo

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